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Butler Beach Community Garage Sale


Wow!!!  What a beautiful day for a garage sale here in Butler Beach!!  Congrats to all of the shoppers that found some great loot!!!  We awarded some great prizes to those who attended; here are the lucky winners:

  1. Arcadia Rodengen -- White wine gift basket (must be 21)
  2. Robin Nordan -- Red wine gift basket (must be 21)
  3. V. Mull -- Coffee gift basket
  4. Marys -- Coffee gift basket
  5. Elise Briggs --  Car care kit
  6. Kathy Hollan -- T-shirt
  7. B-Jam -- T-shirt
  8. Donna Ballou --Tshirt
  9. Ron -- T-shirt

Way to go winners!  Thanks again to everyone who attended and we hope to see you next year!!

Remember!  You can use my website (mobile one too!) to search for homes in your area.  Please call me if you are interested in buying your selling.  I can help!!!!

Recent Testimonial from R Tannier


An experienced home buyer, I've worked with many realtors on many transactions in many locations. Vonnie is hands down the best I've ever worked with. She has excellent market knowledge, deep listening skills and an oustanding ability to follow up and shepherd all moving parts of the transaction and escrow process. 

But Vonnie has two key talents that set her apart from other agents, making her a "secret weapon" for her clients:
First, Vonnie is a shrewd strategist. With an understanding of her clients' goals, she represents their interests fiercely, armed with back-up plans and well-thought through contingencies to ensure her clients arrive at their desired outcome when the unpredictable occurs during negotiations and escrow processes. I've never seen a realtor handle transactional complexities as skillfully as Vonnie did when representing me.
Secondly, Vonnie has incredible emotional intelligence. Her ability to understand the positions and needs of all parties involved in the transaction--and artfully navigate tough conversations along the way--is an enormous asset in real estate. Vonnie managed the colorful cast of characters in our transaction with authenticity, candor, and creativity, balancing patience with drivership.
In this tricky business of real estate, everyone deserves competent representation. When you work with Vonnie, you get much more than mere competence--you get a strategist, a trusted advisor, and an artful warrior

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